Marge Monko

© 2020

Hop gallery, Tallinn. 08.08-26.08.2014
The exhibition is inspired by a photo taken in 1987. It depicts a queue in front of the shop selling the products of hosiery factory Punane Koit (Engl. Red Dawn). If the situation back then was caused by a lack of commodities (in Soviet Union), then, the capitalist system nowadays is cultivating a phenomenon that Karl Marx described as a commodity fetishism. The need for products is being created artificially, advertisements are exploiting our more or less conscious wishes to be recognized, loved, etc. Those strives are almost always connected to the desire of being one with and dissolve into Other.
The title of the show is borrowed from Vaino Vahing´s novel Sina (Engl. You, 1973). The wall text in the exhibition is a quote from the same book and adresses the ambiguity of a romantic relationship, i.e. the tendency of projecting of one’s obsessions on another person.

Queue. Window installation, photo wallpaper, led lights. 233 x 267 cm.
Photo courtesy of Estonian History Museum, author Avo Sillasoo.