Marge Monko

© 2020

8 Hours, 2013. 8 photo collages, b/w photo, 30 x 40 cm
The images used for the collages come from Estonian Film Archive and were taken in 1930s in the hosiery factory called Rauaniit. The texts are slogans from the history of workers movement. Collages were made in the darkroom using stencils to apply the texts on the photographic paper. This method emphasises an idea of making a slogan.
Compared to the Soviet era images from the same factory, these photos employ a completely different visual language: they are quiet and static; the workers on the pictures seem guarded and peaceful. However, during this period there were several strikes at the factory where the workers protested the pay cuts and layoffs.
The title 8 Hours references the movement started by Robert Owen in 1810 that fought for the 40 hour work week.
8 Hours #1