Marge Monko

© 2020

Nora's Sisters
Single channel video with sound, 7 min 5 sec
Nora's Sisters is a video that combines archive photos of Kreenholm Textile Manufacture (Narva, Estonia) and a voice over text from the play „What Happened After Nora Left Her Husband or Pilars of Society“ by Elfriede Jelinek. In this particular scene, Nora is warning female workers for the closing of the factory. Women are not taking her seriously because of their unshaken belief in the protection by social democracy. Their speech is a speech of slogans which corresponds to the pictorial language of Soviet propaganda, evident on the archive photos taken in Kreenholm during 1950s and 1960s.
Photos are from the collection of Estonian Film Archive. Voice over text is performed by actors Garmen Tabor, Maria Taimre-Varres, Liina Tennosaar and Liina Vahtrik