Marge Monko

© 2014

Single channel HD video with sound, 19 min, 2010

Cast: Svetlana Dorošenko, Anti Kobin, Carmen Mikiver
Director of Photography: Alis Mäesalu
Production designer: Kadri Kontus
Editing: Valter Nõmm
Sound design: Ranno Tislar
Composer: Ülo Krigul
Directed & Produced by Marge Monko
A woman enters a bar. Her conversation with the bartender is amusing at first but turns out to be a disappointment when the man exposes his preconceived and cliché-like views about love and life. Ther third character, a cleaning-lady, is overworked and tends to bring down her bitterness upon the customers. The dialogues vary with monologues where the characters open up their personal and career history, their dreams and depressions. The aim of the film is to reflect upon the experiences of a post-soviet condition, the conversion to market economy in the beginning of the 1990s as well as the changes in labour politics during the last 20 years and the recent global recession.