Marge Monko

© 2020

Ten Past Ten
7 folded pigment prints, Plexiglas covers (2 images 525 x 600 mm; 3 images 690 x 480 mm; 2 images 630 x 480 mm)

Ten Past Ten is an installation consisting of seven photographs. They images are appropriated wrist watch ads depicting male and female hands.
The original print ads are mostly from 1970s and 1980s and make up the size of a magazine page. The time ten minutes past ten is a convention used
by most watch brands, primarily for visual reasons. It's a symmetrical position that has a positive connotation (i.e. victory sign, smiley).
The watch hands placed on 10 and 2 are framing the logo, which is usually placed on the upper half of the watch face.

Ten Past Ten. Installation view in Russi Klenner gallery; Berlin. Photo: JJ Images