Marge Monko

© 2014

Calze e Collant, 2012/14, plexiglas, approx. 112 x 74 cm
Bluestockings, Redstockings, No Stockings, 2012/14, 3 texts on paper in plexiglas frames, a' 30 x 21 cm
The texts are describing three different episodes from history connected to stockings and women's emancipation.
Untitled photograms, 2014, b/w paper, 30 x 40 cm (ongoing series)
The photograms are made using the packages of tights. The artist is collecting packages with a cut-out shape of the legs. The covers are being unfolded and placed on photographic paper in the darkroom.

Calze e collant. Foto: Kristina Õllek